note to myself

A Note To Myself

My dear girl, how many things can you juggle at once? And by that, I mean, how many things can you throw up in the air, and how many of them will come crashing down and whop you in the head?

Because I have the memory of an infant, I’m going to list everything I’m trying to accomplish simultaneously this month. Thirty days from now I will revisit this list and cross off the things I didn’t finish. Maybe I’ll forget them forever. Maybe I’ll rekindle the flame. It’s January’s frenetic frenzy, I tell you. It’s a disease.

  1. Paint the basement. (A.K.A. Get rid of ugly. Peach and blue, ugh. It’s travesty.)
  2. Learn to hand letter. Calligraphy with brush pens. Fun and totally relaxing.
  3. Revise my novel.
  4. Complete four articles to submit to magazines or blogs.
  5. Get my son admitted to a special ed preschool.
  6. Retile the kitchen backsplash.
  7. Read everyday.
  8. Purge the no-longer-used baby toys.
  9. Declutter and purge the rest of the house. (One box at a time).
  10. Sew curtains for the bedroom.
  11. Host an event with a few friends at a place where you make your own chocolate. (I feel like this should be priority numero uno.)
  12. Convert two overhead recessed lights to pendants.
  13. Meet with a fellow writer IRL.
  14. Send a postcard to my senator.
  15. Cook the kids new foods. (Doctor said to lay off the nuggets and expand their horizons.)
  16. Try not to buy anything that isn’t associated with the projects on this list!