Whole 30 Week 2

This diet really isn’t so bad. I don’t go to bed hungry and I feel better every day. My husband is officially on the bandwagon too, but he’s more resistant to getting rid of his habitual food items like yogurt, beer, and pasta.

I want to get the tot a little more accustomed to healthy food choices too. I’m trying to figure out how to get zucchini into tasty muffins without using flour, for instance. No luck yet on finding anything online.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 3.59.35 PMOver the weekend I found myself fitting into jeans I haven’t been able to squeeze into since before my first baby was conceived. And I tried on the shorts I wore two summers ago, post baby #1. They fell to my hips.

The only crappy part of this is social situations. Smelling delicious treats and watching others eat them without partaking is challenging. But I have two small children, so my social interaction is fairly minimal right now.

I managed to make it through a weekend of going to restaurants by bringing my own food or escaping to nurse the baby while others were eating. It was weird, but it worked.

Whole 30 Week 2
– Losing weight
– More energy
– New recipes to try
– Feeling accomplished

– Challenging in social situations
– Expensive
– Time consuming in the kitchen

I assume once this is over I’ll be able to blog more, which is great, because I have all these healthy new recipes I want to iron out and record. I’m tempted to keep a modified Whole30 diet going for a few more months. With a cheat cupcake day, of course.


Whole30 Days 1-5

chxsaladIf you’re following my Instagram feed, you’ll see an awful lot of photos of food. I decided to challenge myself to the Whole30, a fairly “radical” way of eating for 30 days. Honestly, “radical” isn’t really the correct term, if you think about it from a different perspective.

Whole30 challenges you to strip your diet of unhealthy, possibly gut-damaging foods for 30 days. It’s only radical because we’ve trained ourselves to eat pretty crappy. Which takes a toll on our health and perpetuates cravings. Chocolate for me, obviously.

I decided to give my body and metabolism a reset. I’m on Day 6. It’s Saturday and weekends have always been my “raid the pantry” days. I’m nervous but hopeful.

The side-effects thus far haven’t been horrible. My hair is super greasy, possibly due to night sweats (that’s a postpartum issue too – weird, right?), I also think AF came back for a short, light stint on Tuesday. Which pissed me off. If you aren’t a woman and don’t know what AF is, just move on.

NNtwIvOxI’m finding that I’m definitely a stress eater. Not that I didn’t know that already. If the baby screams for over 20 minutes, I hit the almond butter, my chocolate replacement. I went through an entire jar in five days. FIVE DAYS. I’m not going to buy it this week if I can stay strong. If I don’t lose any weight during this challenge, it’s because of the damn almond butter.

I’m not just changing the way I eat for me, it’s for my breastfed son. TMI here, but his poop has been icky and green and I suspect a dairy intolerance. My other son had the same issue. So far his mood has vastly improved (a.k.a. he’s not acting like Charles Manson anymore) but he’s still having icky poo. Waiting another week on that front.

Back to me – the worst day thus far was Day 4. I had the shakes in the morning. So I hit up Mr. Almond Butter ASAP.

But overall, I’ve been feeling good. Going to the grocery store sucks. Especially when your husband makes a beeline for the beer tasting area. Jerk. But eating at home isn’t too hard when all the goodies are hit from eyesight.

Now I think my experience might be an exception to the requisite “hangover” you’re warned about. I don’t drink soda, I typically don’t eat cupcakes everyday, and I keep most sugar out of my main meals. But I was spiraling toward those habits. This is a nice break point.

We’ll see how the next week goes. Yes, I’m craving a chocolate cupcake, but I think I can wait 25 days to indulge.

For the Love of Chocolate

Excuse me while I ponder my love for chocolate. I can’t help myself. This is baking in the oven and cocoa smell is taking over the entire house.

It’s genetic, my love for chocolate. My grandmother used to cook my father chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. With chocolate sauce. And then she’d whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. So really, it’s not my fault. Cocoa-love runs through my blood.

I’m breastfeeding now, so I’m typically ravenous, and my go-to snack on the go is a piece of dark chocolate. Actually, that’s my, “I’m trying to cut back” snack, because it’s only one piece (well, by the end of the day, about four). Yeah, the desperation is real.


I’m trying to become a better baker. Not just a recipe pro, someone who reads between the lines, gets inventive, creates something delectable through pure skill. The long term goal is to go to culinary school, but that’s a topic for another day. This month I’ve been focusing on cupcakes, because my little man turned 2 years old, and I’m going to shower him with sugar this year. Last year he got a vegan banana cake with yogurt frosting. He didn’t get it. Sorry buddy.

This year he’s going to get a full-sugar banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting. Two of his favorite things. And because dad requested it (and because I have an addiction), chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. Cause the adults need to party too.

I was smart and tested the recipes first and oh-my-lord, WINNERS. I was never a cupcake fan. Even when the craze hit DC. I would partake, but they never made me do a happy dance. Let me tell you, though, homemade cupcakes and frosting, if you can follow a recipe, are ridiculous. I always hated store-bought butter cream. Homemade buttercream? LIFE-CHANGING.

You have to try this recipe if you don’t believe me. I even skimped on the chocolate a little and they still blew my mind. My husband’s too.

I’m going to start a running tab of amazing chocolate recipes here that I’ve tested and approved. Hopefully I’ll add some of my own one day! If you know of any you can recommend, please do! Yum, yum, yumyumyum.

Amazing Chocolate Cupcakes