Bye Bye Bubble


Sigh. It’s time to admit the bubble has burst. That flimsy, albeit protective, transparent bubble keeping me content.

I’m a white, middle-class woman with a loving husband, two healthy boys, a big pretty puppy, and two very hungry cats. We have a house, two cars, and enough money in the bank to feel comfortable.

Until last November very little bothered me other than not getting my way or being in control. Petty personal problems.

Until Trump.

Bye bye bubble.

The blinders are off. There is a world beyond my sweet, simple life. There are people in the United States of America who do not think that basic human decency is an essential trait for our Commander in Chief.

At first I was depressed. Flabbergasted. Angry. But now, above all else, I am thankful. Thankful for the motivation to get my ass off the couch and take some action.

The thing is, all these folks that voted for Trump existed before he was elected. The climate change naysayers, the elected officials who think it is okay to govern women’s bodies, the people who spew hate at anyone who doesn’t look, act, or think like them. I know they’ve always existed and I never paid much attention because I was comfortable, nestled in my bubble.

Now I’m uncomfortable. I suppose I have Trump to thank for that.

First things first: to apologize. For not doing enough for my community. For being selfish. I’m done ignoring injustice.Because we all should be able to live cozy, comfy lives, not just me.


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