January’s Frenetic Frenzy

It seems as though, every January, my brain does a somersault in my head, then begins spinning in a swirling tornado and decides that now is the time to make, create, accomplish something amazing. Maybe the drive tied to resolutions. Or maybe Winter is the trigger; maybe my personal version of frosty-weather hibernation is a more like a frenetic, creative, anti-hibernation frenzy.

In November I wrote a novel. Well 50,000 words, thanks to a neighboring writer friend who urged me to try the NaNoWriMo challenge: write a novel in a month. Was it hard? Yes. But even through migraines, holidays, and a toddler bringing home every disease known to mankind, I finished. I proved that I’m capable of expounding a story onto several hundred pages. Without giving up.

So this frenetic January my goal is to get published in 2017.

My heart knows it’s possible. I can write, and I can write well, if I put in the work. But my head knows it’s going to be hard. I don’t know anything about getting published. But I do know I’m going to lose precious Saturdays from my family figuring out how. I’m going to have put aside delicious baking projects, and home repairs (which give me a surprising amount of joy), and Pinterest crafts, TV shows, and social outings.

I’m an instant gratification kind of girl. I want it done and I want it done now so I can reap the rewards, accolades and pride. But writing is anything but instantaneous. You can’t follow a recipe and throw it in the oven and lick chocolatey goodness off your fingers a mere hour later. This is where persistence, practice and patience will pay off. Three things I’m pretty crappy at cultivating.

The writing process is full of self-doubt. That novel I wrote in November? I’m pretty sure it’s crap. But Eric Scott Fiscal wrote in Writer’s Digest that, “There is no bad writing. There is only writing that needs more revision. When staring at the incoherent shambles of an early draft, wanting to pour gasoline on my laptop and set it afire, I tell myself this and get back to writing.”

So I’m going to keep the faith that I can sustain this frenetic frenzy, banish my self doubt, and get something published in 2017.

Fingers crossed.


Sambuchino, Chuck. “Breaking In.” Writer’s Digest. February 2017: 20. Print.


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