When Someone Else Thinks You’re a Lousy Mom

“It’s their shit, not yours.”

Kinder words have never been written.

This weekend I was treated unfairly by a loved one. They were mean. At first I didn’t understand why. I was in a great mood, and they proceeded to crap all over it. I got flustered, then pissed, then weepy. Yeah, I’m sensitive and emotional; can’t deny my mama hormones or my tender personality.

The meanness got me down all day. I worked through it, but it ate at me. What did I do to deserve it? That night I cried into my husband’s shirt. That felt good.

The thing that hurt the most was it came from a person I care about, trust, and rely on for support. It was a rude awakening, being treated badly by this person. I would’ve thought they would talk to me about any issues they have with my parenting choices.

But I’m not dwelling on it anymore, and I don’t feel like crap anymore. Because I have a great group of online ladies who let me vent and lifted me up. They don’t know me in real life, but they told me I’m a great mom. I choose to believe them.

Some of the best words written were, “It’s their shit, not yours. Release that yuckiness into the universe mama, nobody needs to carry around somebody else’s shit.”

Nope. Not gonna do it. Gonna keep on being me, cause that’s all I know. And it’s got me two healthy, happy boys, so I must be doing something right.


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