The Weekend Before Christmas


Dun dun duuuuun! I should’ve titled this, “What the “F” it’s Almost Christmas Already?

My newborn momma brain is on full breakdown mode right now. I know there’s a better term for that, but I’m drawing a blank, which has been pretty much the motto of my life as of late.

I left carrots boiling on the stove for 4 hours last night. Yeah. Imagine my face as I realize what I had done as we were driving home from the craft store last night. I was sure the house had gone up in flames and the cats were burned into sad little balls of ash.


And then I walk into my son’s doctor’s office a half an hour late this morning, causing me to have to wait another hour to get his vaccines administered. I basically screwed my husband out of a morning of work since he had to watch our other son.

My niece’s birthday gift should have been on its way to Tennessee by now, but it isn’t even in a proper shipping container yet, so I screwed that up too. Crap, half of my husband’s and son’s gifts haven’t even arrived here yet, so you know, things are about to get REAL.

This post isn’t supposed to be a diatribe as to why I’m failing at life right now (even though it’s turning out that way). It’s to serve as a reminder to get some particular sh*t done:

  1. Make cookies & truffles. Truffles with failed, but crispy and delicious snickerdoodle pieces inside.
  2. Wrap and send cookies and birthday presents. Pray they arrive before they go stale.
  3. Try and cook a perfect fluffy omelet via America’s Test Kitchen. Because why not make my life more complicated?
  4. Put up the rest of the Christmas lights. They won’t be coming down till March, so why not arrive to the party a little late?
  5. There’s another one, but I can’t remember.

Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t be blogging. There’s way to much to do.



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