Weekend Baby Update


Little man got his first round of vaccines. When those shots went in he was not happy! I was ready to nurse him right away, and after a few tears he took to the boob and was pacified. The highest his temperature got before we gave him Tylenol was 100.2 and he didn’t seem too sleepy the next day as expected. We’re following a modified vaccination schedule so he has two more to go at month three.

He’s starting to focus on objects better and even bats at things occasionally. When he’s nursing he rubs his hand on my chest, holds a finger, or grabs my shirt. Loving that he’s getting more interactive. He’s pictured here, enjoying a playmat that his cousin handed-down to him.

We took our first trip to the mall. As you can see the little dude was super excited. At one point he started wailing and it turned out he was a overheated… malls can be hot places up north. It was great to get out as a family even though we’re not big shoppers. We noticed quite a few other tiny babies taking their cooped-up mommas out as well.

We missed grandma and grandpa this weekend! Last Saturday and Sunday they were here for a visit and it was really relaxing having some helping hands to get us through feedings, burpings and playtime. We are so excited that we will be seeing much more of them in a couple of months!


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