The Boob Tube

I’m tired of denying that I don’t love television. I will admit that I need to limit my intake as it’s easy to get overly consumed by the flickering beast, but now that I’m breastfeeding a 2-month-old, it’s a super convenient way to make the time fly by and keep me entertained.

My weekly lineup has definitely changed now that my son is in the house. While Top Chef and Project Runway were my old favorites, right now I can’t get enough of:

Quints By Surprise
Man, this show restores my faith in motherhood. Anytime I feel overwhelmed I watch the Jones Family corral 5 infants and 1 child on a daily basis. If they can do it, my one little boy isn’t going to break me, acid-reflux or no acid-reflux. The family, unlike Jon and Kate plus 8 (remember them?), seem super happy and the parents seem in love despite their challenges. I love that the mom, Casey, is continually taking photos of the children, regardless if she’s getting smiles or all hell is breaking loose. The kids are full of spunk and have incredibly unique personalities. If they lived in my area I wouldn’t hesitate volunteering to help out! Unfortunately the show has been off the air for a couple of years and you can’t buy the past seasons, so I am patiently recording all of the episodes on my DVR. I’ve even read their old blog.

19 Kids & Counting
My family and friends look at me and say, “Seriously?! You watch that show?” Yup. I’m not religious, nor do I wish to have a small army of children, but I think in their own way they are an awesome family. Michelle really is the epitome of a mom. Have you listened to her speak? Her voice is so soothing it has lulled me to sleep. And again, I think to myself, if they can raise nearly twenty well-behaved, friendly children, maybe I have half a shot with my boy.

It took me a few repeat tries to get hooked on this show, but now I’m all in. Probably because it’s closer to reality than other family-based sitcoms out there. I’ve become fairly attached to the characters… especially in the most recent season when two of them deal with a difficult newborn. (Obviously you see a pattern, I like TV shows that resemble my own life!) The show’s one downfall is that there is a bit too much arguing – I’ve had to mute it at times – but isn’t that what families do? I’m live far from any relatives, so these guys are my stand-ins. And the show is still on the air! Yay for new episodes.



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