5 Essential Items for a New Mom

I registered for a lot of well-known baby goodies. Most of them I used and many of them I’m still using… But none of them were supremely essential. I learned via trial and error what I really needed after my pregnancy and newborn had overtaken our home, my sanity, and our family’s precious sleep. P.S. – No, I am not getting paid a cent for these endorsements.

Here are 5 things that have been amazing in helping our family cope with the crazy shift our new lives have taken:


1. The Snoogle

God bless this inventive body pillow. It’s huge and pretty much quarantines me away from the hubby in our queen-size bed, but during the aches of pregnancy I wrapped myself around it for a super comfy sleep, and during the early baby days it propped me up well, allowing me to hold my son in my arms comfortably during breastfeeding. It also looks like it works wonders for c-section support, but I cannot personally attest to that. I bought a soft, jersey grey slip-cover for extra coziness during the winter months.

2. Underpads

These disposable wonders have been huge laundry savers! I live in an apartment without a washer/dryer in my unit and during the sleepless newborn weeks, trekking down to the laundry room was not an easy feat. Put an underpad over the changing table, and voila!, and it’s a baby-bum-blowout saver!

3. Zip-up Onesies

Newborns are like well-formed blobs of jello. In the beginning, changing diapers and outfits is tricky and the best tool to help? A zip-up onesie. Forget over-the-head bodysuits and anything with snaps… slip on one of these beauties and zip it all the way up to their neck! In the beginning my husband refused to put our son in anything else. We love these so much I just ordered a handful of these in size 3M.

4. Cloth Diapers (A.K.A Burp cloths)

We are a disposable diaper family for these first difficult months. Sorry. (see #2 above) We only use these for burps and spit up. They are cheap and do the job well. Enough said.

5. A Boppy

Yes, this magic pillow is great for nursing, but it’s even better as a neck pillow! Again, think about those sleepless few weeks – this wonder of an invention saved my neck some serious pain. And these days it assists the little one’s pesky burps and actually makes his tummy time more enjoyable. Technically, I actually did register for it as a nursing aide, but I love it even more for its alternate use.

If you have any other amazing newborn essentials to share, please do!



  1. Oh, man – I didn’t know you could buy those pads!! I thought they were only provided to hospitals. Soo getting those next time! Thanks 😀

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